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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's been awhile

March has brought us so much: unexpected knee surgery, a little mini vacation (for my oldest's dance competition), followed by strep throat, Zac had mrsa and also began to eat!!! So sorry this all took me out of the game, but I'm back and hopefully it's for good. I would be lying if I said that being down with my knee for almost 3 weeks didn't effect out healthy eating. It totally did. I'm not sure how many green smoothies we actually drank during this time but I can promise you it wasn't enough. I've have a renewed commitment for eating healthy, of course not being bedridden has helped:) And I'm so excited to get back on track. I can say that we are and have been a caffeine free home since February!! Shameless post about my beautiful daughter PresLeigh, she took 1st place on her solo while we were down in St. George which also happened to be my 26th b-day! It was the best birthday present in the world all of her commitment, dedication, hours of practicing had paid off. I am so proud of her.

(If you look in the background you can see my mom is wearing a shirt with her 3 grandkids that were at the dance comp. My sister and I made shirts for ourselves too. I love that our kids still think we're cool)

Oh back to green smoothie stuff, oh ok:) We are drinking so much more water at our house and I think everyone in general feels lighter. We have purged our house of a lot of junk but I'm sure we still have more to throw out. Also we have used much of the money from good earth and sun warrior to buy food in bulk. I was excited about this because it means we will be able to eat this way without it killing out budget.

Zac has had an interesting month to say the least. We were told concretely that Zac was going to need an NG tube for his feedings. It was such a let down and heartbreak since I've continued to nurse him in the hopes of avoiding this. I got the run around from his GI Dr. and I was getting frustrated, but it just goes to show God always has a plan for us. Zac started eating!! It's the equivalent of what a 5-6 month old would eat but for us a success is a success. Meaning that as long as he shows progress and some weight gain he will not have the feeding tube!!!!

Zac also had an outbreak of his MRSA. It was the worst I've seen on any of our family, the sore was bigger than a silver dollar. I had been doing his Do Terra oils as religiously as I was able too. They didn't work the same way as they had in the past, I think I discovered the sore to late. I was afraid to just let it fester since he's a baby and MRSA can be life threatening. So against everything I've vowed to do and change in our family my hands were tied and I went to the doctor to get him antibiotics. His sore got 80% better in just a few doses. I'd like to team up with a doctor who heals naturally before we have another outbreak of this magnitude to prevent the us of the "A" word, if at all possible.

We haven't done any more taping since I last posted. But Robyn has kept up with us along the way and I we should be doing more filming this week.


  1. I don't know about Do Terra oils, but I have heard that virgin coconut oil might help the fight against MRSA. Cheering you on and sending healthy vibes!!

  2. What a mixed-up month, but the blessings seem to outweigh the setbacks. How exciting that Zac is eating!

    You might want to check out Thieves Oil for MRSA, it might help out a lot. It's effective in killing MRSA infections.


    I don't sell it or anything, but I do like how it smells. :)