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Sunday, March 6, 2011


So long story I'll blog about later but I ended up with my sister's 3 oldest boys ages 8, 5, and 3 most of yesterday and they slept over. Not the most difficult thing I've had to do but it was much harder with Nate at work, Zac having a fever for 3 days that I couldn't break and no caffiene. I couldn't believe how much energy I actually had since I had been up with Zac the night before (I think cumulatively I got maybe 3 hours of sleep) just a quick reminder I haven't had caffiene in 3 days and I've been drinking green smoothies. I then decided I needed to take Zac to the instacare to make sure he didn't have an ear infection since I only was able to break his fever once in 2 days. So I loaded up all 7 kids and took them to the doctors and Zac ended up just having a virus. I'm not gonna lie I bought the kids Little Ceasars (SORRY Robyn). I stayed up all last night with Zac more of the same his fever wouldn't break he was bawling. And added to the night was Sarah's youngest, Jaxon, crying that he wanted to go home at midnight and my own little Livie waking up crying somewhere in there too. I was able to wake up this morning, I was tired, but I made the kids pancakes and gave all 7 of them a baths. This was with NO CAFFIENE people!!! What a huge tribute to the nutrition of these green smoothies and the fact that greens are so important to our bodies!
This is a quick pic of what my morning looked like. I love PresLeigh she's helping Olivia cut her pancake which helped me so much!

Zac isn't in the picture cause that would mean he would have to eat:)

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