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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hot Swag!!

So we went to Good Earth today so Robyn could show us some of the important products we should have. While we were there we were told that Good Earth was going to give us $50 a week to there store for the 8 weeks Robyn is following us. Then the owners of Sunwarrior are giving us $50 a week for groceries and they gave us there protein powder, ormus supergreens, and liquid lights which was exciting since Robyn speaks so highly of these products. Between these two amazingly generous donations this will double our food budget for the two months we are being followed!!! Also Roxberry gave us $100 giftcard and they have Robyns recipes for Green Smoothies on there menu, so exciting since we are on the go a lot. And finally Crio Brew gave us 2 bags of there delicious brewed cocoa drink and the maker since we are getting off of caffeine this has a little bit of a stimulant effect. It has been so amazing and motivating to see so many people/companies we don't know supporting us and wanting to see us succeed.
We also got an opportunity to meet the other people who are taking this challenge on. It was fun to see them since I feel like I already know them. Karen is so cute she even hugged me which makes me think she felt the same way. The dental office girls were so nice and helpful. I think it would be fun to get us all together and talk about how we are all doing.
I don't know that Robyn will ever fully comprehend all the good she is doing in the world, what an amazing woman she is!!


  1. So cool!!! And so generous!!! I found you via Robyn's website!

  2. What a sweet family you have! They are going to be thanking you AND Robyn for years to come! We have been doing the healthy green smoothie thing for a lot of years now and have NO regrets! I wish you all the best and I'm excited to follow along!