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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Does this post warrant that many exclamation points? In my opinion yes! Today Zac took 3 sips through a straw of green smoothie, I actually got teary eyed. Sounds silly I know but Zac will never eat anything, literally he is 15 months old and nurses full time, so for him to come back to the same thing 3 TIMES was a miracle. It felt like for the first time maybe we will get somewhere with Zac. I was so excited not only because he "ate" something but because it was a green smoothie full of nutrients and vitamins that his body is needing.

A little background on Zac if you don't already know he has eosinophilic esophagitis (a condition that causes his throat to be swollen and raw). He also has allergies to milk, eggs, tree nuts and intolerances to gluten and soy. Like I said he still nurses full-time which is a huge blessing, since they told us he would be on a feeding tube if he wasn't.

Just to give you an idea we went to one of Robyn's 12 step classes and they had little cups of kefir. Zac looked at it for a little while then I tried to give him some it only hit his lips, none got in his mouth, and he started crying and covering his face. That's why this is seriously such a huge, major, off the charts SUCCESS!!!!

And no post is complete without a picture so here is one of my friend Carrie. This little guy Nixon is 15 months also and has struggled with food allergies and not sleeping also. I'm excited about the journey this little family is about to take!


  1. Not sure if you remember me, we were in the same ward when Olivia was born! So glad you have begun this journey! We've been doing the green smoothies and 12 steps (a few of them) for abt 18 mons. and love it! Your experience motivaes me to keep working on this change dispite the inevitable challenges! Good luck!

  2. Oh my goodness of course I remember you!! You watched my kids for me. I'm so glad that you posted on here.