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Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 Big Problems in America

So after some reflecting and commercial ads being thrown in my face I felt sad and so blessed at the same time. What am I talking about health and debt. I was watching tv which I honestly don't do much of and if I do it's always shows that has been dvr'd. So I was so suprised by all the "informational" commercials I saw about corn syrup, milk, fish oil ect. I actually laughed out loud that the high fructose corn syrup one "it has the same effect on your body that raw sugar has" really was that suppose to make me feel better?! I know and I'm sure most of you know how horrible refined sugar is for your body and especially our kids. Next in line are the milk commercials(that are even being aired on Disney) and why it's so important to drink milk. Go to this link to learn more about why we SHOULDN'T be drinking milk http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/nutrition-manifesto/dairy-products-nutrition/ And until I read Robyn's books and website I wondered if that would have had me fooled, which is why I felt so sad. There are so many people watching these commercials and taking them as truths:( What a huge blessing Robyn, Green Smoothie Girl, is to my life so I now know the truth. I can change the eating habits in my family and do my best to educate friends and family so they can also have these truths in a society that is forcing garbage, literally, done our throats.

Also Nate and I have a very strict budget that we have been sticking to, to get out of debt completely(cars, house and all). So I had the privilege of cutting a credit card this month, if happend to be my Chase card. While I was so excited about this undertaking a card that had a $5000 balance on it months ago was now being paid off and cut up, I took time to savor the moment. As I looked at this card I had to laugh that in huge bold letters read FREEDOM. Well finally the card was right I now felt freedom, freedom from bondage that, that piece of plastic had over me and my family. I feel so blessed to belong to a church savings fund. Also that my parents bought us the Dave Ramsey book and that I actually found time to opened it:)

Although we have had and still do have so many trials in front of us Heavenly Father has blessed us so abundantly. I guess I'm someone who has to hit rock bottom before I'm able to accept his blessings. I'm postive that Robyn's teachings would have seemed too difficult a year ago before all of our health problems came to a head. And I think Dave Ramsey's teachings would have seemed to extreme until so many around us were struggling and we realized we could be next if we didn't change the way we were living and quick!


  1. found your blog from gsg... wondering which book you've been following of dave ramsey's... i'm interested in getting my finances in order. tiffanydansie@gmail.com

  2. I love that you are making BOTH changes to your health and debt. My husband and I are following both Dave Ramsey's program and Robyn's. I couldn't have been happier to find them both. It's exciting to see someone else on the same journey as you. Congrats of your credit card and cheers to your health, keep up the great work!

  3. I also found you on GSG. Robyn really is amazing, I'm so glad that I came across her blog and have been able to make huge changes to mine and my family's diet. (I also have kids 3,2 and newborn) Everything she says is great!

    Dave Ramsey is FANTASTIC! We're debt free and saving because of his wonderful book. If you can, attend one of his seminar's...so inspiring!

    I'm excited to see your adventure to a healthier lifestyle! Good luck!!

  4. You have a beautiful family! I have four children (one of whom is an Olivia, too!). We love Financial Peace University and green smoothies. I love that your family is going through a green smoothie family makeover. Good for you!