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Friday, March 4, 2011

No Caffeine. 1 day down the rest of our lives to go!

So yesterday was our first real day without caffeine or pop of any kind. And oh man were Nate and I feeling it. We both had terrible headaches and in general weren't very nice to eachother or the kids:( About half way through the day Nate turns to me and says we aren't being very kind to eachother are we. Sidenote: I love this man he could have so easily just been mad and thought I'm sick, so just deal! But when he said that I realized this isn't going to be the only hard thing we have to give up and I'm sure it's not going to be the only day we are going to feel horrible as we dejunk our bodies. We have to stick together and be loving to one another or this isn't going to be the uplifting experience we wanted for any of us. What an awesome man I have! As the day went on Nate got so sick to his stomach he was doubled over in pain. It was such a reality check to Nate and I of how much we were dependent on caffeine, and how we never want something controlling our lives like this.
So today is day number 2 and so far so good. Things I've noticed already I slept better last night that usual despite the fact that Zac is pretty sick. When he would wake up to nurse I could fall right back to sleep, when usually it would take awhile for me to fall back asleep. I'm craving it less today than yesterday, I'll post later to see if this stays true. And over all I have a new excitement for life that I think has to do with all that the future now holds since Robyn took our family on. Thanks again Robyn!!

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